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Factors affecting how much your car is worth

Having a good idea of how much your car is worth is vitally important in a number of scenarios. If you are looking to sell your car, it’s a good idea to know its market value in its current condition; that way, you know you’re getting a good price when you come to sell!

If you’re wondering “How much is my car worth?” then there are several things you’d have to consider before attributing a full market value to your vehicle. Firstly, the car’s mileage is a factor that can have an impact of your vehicle’s value; cars with relatively low mileage are often valued for more than those with higher mileages. The age of the car can also have a considerable impact on the price you can look to sell your car for.

These are just a few of the numerous factors that can affect how much your car is worth.

Luckily, we have a quicker and more convenient way for you to get a clear idea of the worth of your car:!

By using the above car valuation tool, you can find out exactly how much your car is worth, by simply entering your reg number and answering some questions such as how many miles the car has, how much service history and giving details on the condition of the vehicle.

For those who are currently looking to sell their car, the tool becomes even more of a convenience. After you find out how much your car is currently worth, you can follow the steps that follow your car valuation to make an appointment at one of our 200+ nationwide branches, and sell your car without any hassle.

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Additional Things Car Experts Check For

Here’s some extra info for those looking to learn more about what the car experts at each of our 200+ branches would check for when looking over your vehicle.


Scratches in a vehicle’s paintwork can lower the overall value of a car. Often deeper scratches that have ‘dug’ into the metal of the car’s outer body are more costly to repair, while more shallow scratches that have simply scratched away the paintwork won’t have as much of an impact on the car’s value.


The condition of the car’s interior is also a factor when valuing a car. Is the upholstery damaged or stained? Does the interior smell of smoke or have smoke damage? Do all seats work properly, retracting and setting into place as they should? Do all switches, buttons and other electrical features operate properly? Many interior factors can have an impact on the worth of a car, so keeping your vehicle’s interior in good condition is certainly worth keeping in mind.

Missing Keys

Keys can be quite expensive to replace, so having both your main and spare car keys on hand when you come to sell your car is a good way to make sure the value of the missing key/s isn’t deducted from your overall price when you look to sell. As a quick tip, be sure to have a memorable place where you keep your spare car key (it’s a good idea to pop it with your other ‘important items’ such as passports and counterpart driving licence, providing they are in a safe, memorable place).

Wheel Trims & Tyres

Damage to your wheel trims can deduct from the overall worth of your car, so being mindful when parking beside raised pavements or pulling in to the side of the road could help you earn that extra bit of money when you come to sell your car. The condition of the car’s tyres is also a factor, during most car valuations and safety checks the expert will look over the condition of the wheels, and whether or not they are in need of repair or replacement. Check for deep scratches on your trims, worn areas on your tyres or any other noticeable damage, this can help you get an idea of where lose a little value on your car.


Broken lights around the car will decrease the vehicle’s worth. Physically cracked and smashed lights to bulbs that need replacing, the extent of the damage to broken lights will be taken into consideration when determining how much a car is worth. Maintaining your car’s lights in good working order will ensure it doesn’t result in any deductions when you come to sell or part-exchange the vehicle.

Windscreen and Windows

Chips and cracks in the car’s windscreen and windows will have a negative effect on the car’s value. If your car’s glass has considerable chips or cracks, it’s likely that this will be reflected in the overall value of the car. Having chips repaired early on is a good way to avoid greater and more costly damage such as cracks.